Houghton Muslim Association

Houghton Muslim Association and the associated Madrasah were established in 1967 by our respected elders as a place of worship and Islamic knowledge for our community.  HMA is underpinned by a firmly entrenched set of values which defines the institutions identity and social responsibility.

The Masjid and Madrasah were originally located in a house on 2nd Avenue. Over the years due to the efforts and sacrifices of our respected elders and under the guidance of respected scholars, the foundations of the current Masjid and Madrasah were established in 2011.

As the needs of the community grew so did the Madrasah, and in the year 2010 work began on the Madrasah block adjacent to the Masjid. The Madrasah block Inshaa-Allah give us the opportunity to meet the educational needs of our community in the future. We hope to continue to service the community and help educate the children and youth of our country all for the pleasure of ALLAH

Houghton Muslim Academy

Established in 2012, the Houghton Muslim Academy (a self-funding division of the Houghton Muslim Association ) prides itself on being a community-based institution established for the sole purpose of serving the community and fulfilling a core need in the quest for higher learning.