Human Rights

  1. Human Rights HMA

Human rights are the basic, indelible rights that every human naturally possesses. These rights are not privileges granted by any ruler or government. They are rights divinely bestowed on all human beings.

Rasulullah (SAW) was so particular about these rights that he stated that Deen, our Religion is to be a well-wisher of others. His magnanimity went so far as to include the enemy combatants captured on the field of battle. In regards to these prisoners of war, he (SAW) issued the verdict, “They are your brothers; give them to eat what you eat, and give them to wear what you wear.” This sublime conduct did not end at humans, but even the right of animals to live unmolested was taught by Prophet of Allah r. During a journey with Rasulullah r, some Sahaabah y came across a bird’s nest containing a few newly hatched birds. One of them removed the nestlings which caused the mother of the birds to beat her wings frantically in distress. Rasulullah r noticed this and questioned the Sahaabah, “Who has caused distress to this bird by (removing her) nestlings Return them to her.” Abu Dawood

Today we are witnessing one of the most tyrannical eras in human history. Atrocities of the worst kind are plastered daily on the headlines of the media. The need of the hour is the revival of the Islamic spirit of not only justice and equity, but also of compassion and mercy. A global change is the last step of the journey. The first step is for us to embrace this spirit within our own lives, a step which we all have the power to do. (Jamiatul Ulema)


Human Rights HMA