Muharram New Year

  1. muharram


The Islamic new year cannot help but remind us of the very origin of the
Islamic Calendar. In the era of Ameerul Mumineen Sayyiduna Umar Al-
Farouq t, the Sahaabah y gathered in consultation to decide on the
implementation of an Islamic Calendar. Among the various opinions,
the Sahaabah y finally agreed on the Hijrah (the emigration from
Makkah to Madina) for the commencement of the Islamic calendar.
The Hijrah was a momentous occasion for it completely
transformed the Islamic landscape. The Muslim Ummah, thus
far under persecution finally found a home, a refuge against
oppression and a capital for its soon to be empire. Weakness
turned to strength and adversity to prosperity for as Yathrib
became Madinatun Nabi (the City of Prophet) a transformation
took place that was to indelibly alter the course of history.
Rasulullah’s r arrival in Madina ignited a lantern whose rays
would shine across the globe transforming barbarism to
civilisation and restoring justice to a tyrannical world.
Today’s world is sorely in need of that very transformation. The revival
of Islam in the world is dependent on the Muslim Ummah reforming
themselves. Allah Ta’ala states, “Allah never changes a people’s
state until they change what is in themselves.” (Surah 13, Verse 11)
If we resolve to change ourselves for the better, the world will
become a better place. But if we continue living our lives
oblivious of our Islamic responsibilities, then nothing will halt
the downward trajectory that we find ourselves in.