• The Astro Turf facility has been constructed using the latest available materials for maximum enjoyment.

    The aim of the project is to attract the youth towards an environment of safety & spirituality. The idea is also to create a sense of unity. For this reason we have decided to host social games only

    Bearing in mind that the facility is attached to Musjidul Furqaan and due to the nature of the artificial turf, the HMA has set the following rules:

    • Islamic etiquette to be complied to
    • R360 per game
    • 1 hour game sessions
    • Play to stop immediately at the time of Azaan
    • Islamic dress code to be maintained
    • Only “indoor type soccer boots” will be allowed.
    • No boots with metal studs will be permitted
  • Contact Details or enquiries…..

    Muhammed Seedat – Tel:  082 499 9161


    Zahir – Tel: 082 326 0762