Hifz Classes

The Masjid also provides a Hifz class for school-going students who wish to memorise the Holy Qur‘ān. Times are Monday to Saturday 04h40 to 06h10 in the early hours, then 16h15 to 19h15 in the evening. Those students wanting to do the full-time course will benefit from an additional 3 hours in the morning from 07h30 to 10h30.

We are continuously trying to develop our Madrasah and syllabus in order to provide the best Islamic education possible for our community, keeping in mind the needs of the day and the rapid rate of the progression of technology.

Terms and Times

Madrasah commences at 15h10 and closes at 17h10 daily for the winter months only. Times for the summer months are 15h30 to 17h30. Ramadhān will see a reduction in the times.

The Madrasah timetable coincides primarily with the government school’s terms and holidays, however being an Islamic institute the Madrasah is closed during the last ten days of Ramadhān and the lost teaching days are made up for during the year.

Madrasatul Furqaan

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